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Debugging: INFO. Logs at /srv/www/html/biocase/log system settings
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Replace form with templates for a :
ABCD scan, ABCD search, ABCD2 scan, ABCD2 search, HISPID5 scan, HISPID5 search, DWC Scan, DWC Search,
Metaprofile Scan, Metaprofile Search, TCS 1.01 Scan, TCS 1.01 Search,
SPICE-1 Scan , SPICE-1 Search , SPICE-2 Scan , SPICE-2 Search , SPICE-4 Search , SPICE-5 Search ,
GCP Passport 1.03 Scan , GCP Passport 1.03 Search , GCP Passport 1.04 Scan , GCP Passport 1.04 Search ,
ABCD2.1 scan, ABCD2.1 search

The BioCASe protocol filter operators

Comparison operators Logical operators
binary unary unbound binary unary
equals isNull in and not
notEquals isNotNull   or  


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